The main purpose of Orkney Community Wind Farms is to generate profit that will be used for the benefit of the people of Orkney whilst also helping to meet our carbon reduction aspirations. Community engagement and input throughout the project’s current and future development remains a top priority and has been essential in reaching key milestones in our project plan to date. 


Below is a timeline of public events and key milestones that has taken place to date, and details of what’s next in the projects development:

Site Investigations
  • Site investigations begun in consultation with the community.
  • Three sites were identified that were suitable for development - Quanterness in St Ola, Wee Fea in Hoy and the Island of Faray.
Public Consultations
  • Public consultation took place in Hoy, Kirkwall, Eday, Westray and Rendall to inform the communities of the developments and invite feedback.
Pre Application Consultations
  • Further consultation events took place throughout Orkney to gain feedback as part of the Pre Application Consultations (PAC) in advance of applying for planning permission.
Community Benefit Fund
  • Public consultation events took place to gain feedback from the community on how they’d like a location-specific Community Benefit Fund to get distributed across Orkney.
  • Hoy and Quanterness received planning permission from the Scottish Government.
Contract for Difference (CfD)
  • Hoy and Quanterness received a Contract for Difference (CfD) for each site.
  • Faray received planning permission from the Scottish Government.
Drop-In Events

Drop-in community events will take place in September:

  • 6 Sept: The Pickaquoy Centre, Kirkwall (1300-1600 & 1800-2000)
  • 13 Sept: YM, Lyness (1300-1600) & North Walls Centre, Hoy (1600-2000)
  • 18 Sept: Eday Heritage Centre, Eday (1300-1600 & 1800-2000)
  • 25 Sept: Rendall Community Centre, Rendall (1400-1900)
  • 26 Sept: The Community Room, Westray Junior High School (1400-1900) 
2023 - 2024
Final Groundwork Investigations

Final groundwork investigations will be carried out at Quanterness, Hoy and Faray to assess the land and ensure it's suitability for development.

2024 - 2025
Business Model

An updated business model will be presented to OIC elected members for Quanterness, Hoy and Faray.

2026 - 2027

Procurement of construction packages and turbines will be
carried out and detailed design of wind farms will be finalised.

2027 - 2028

Wind Farm construction for Quanterness & Hoy will take place as well as the marine infrastructure for Faray.

2028 - 2029
Wind Farms Operational

Quanterness and Hoy wind farms in operation. Wind farm construction for Faray will take place.