View from the ferry heading towards Westray to Faray Wind Farm.

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The Projects

Orkney Islands Council is developing Orkney Community Wind Farms to generate significant income and harness Orkney’s natural resources. The project consists of three developments – Quanterness, Hoy and Faray. Each wind farm will contain six turbines that are 149.9 metres in height from base to blade tip.

Quanterness Wind Farm

Hoy Wind Farm

Faray Wind Farm

Long term benefits for Orkney

Community Benefit

Generates significant income for Orkney including a location-specific Community Benefit Fund.

Transmission Link

Makes a meaningful contribution to getting a new transmission connection from Orkney to the mainland.

Climate Change

Helps reach our carbon neutral aspirations and reduces the affects of climate change.

Community Benefit Fund

Through Orkney Community Wind Farms, communities across Orkney could receive a combined £432,000 each year through a location-specific Community Benefit Fund. This financial support could help local communities drive transformational projects of their own – strengthening our communities and empowering local democracy.

Transmission Connection

The wind farms will allow the development of the interconnector link between Orkney and mainland Scotland, substantially supporting the vital renewable energy industry in Orkney as well as helping to contribute to the UK’s Net Zero aspirations. (Photo Orkney.com)