Orkney Community Wind Farms has the potential to bring significant benefit to Orkney both financially and to help meet Net Zero aspiration. A Final Investment Decision will be presented to Elected Members next year to decide if the projects will go ahead. Below are a few of the key benefits that the projects could bring to Orkney:

Community Benefits

Council-owned wind farms would have the potential to generate significant income every year, helping us tackle the twin challenges of budget reductions and an increasing demand for public services.

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Transmission Connection

Orkney Community Wind Farms allowed the Council to join other local developers in making a meaningful contribution towards the approval of a 220MW electricity transmission connection linking Orkney to the Scottish mainland.

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Carbon Neutral Future

Orkney Islands Council is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and seeks to continue supporting the pioneering renewables scene in Orkney. One of our key reasons for developing these projects is to help and create a carbon neutral future for our islands.

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